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Why should we recycle?

Recycle for Greater Manchester
Recycle for Greater Manchester
We all know we should recycle as much as we can. Find out why.
Decorative image of the Earth from space
Decorative image of the Earth from space

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We should cut down on our waste and try to re-use what we have before we throw it away. Recycling also has an important role in our efforts to fight climate change and drive down pollution.

You can find out more about recycling – including how to do it properly – at Recycle for Greater Manchester which works across our area to to inspire and encourage residents of Greater Manchester to manage their waste responsibly.

It’s more than reducing landfill.

Recycling does stop us burying – or burning – the stuff we throw away, which is really important. But did you know that recycling can help fight climate change by making sure we use our planet’s resources more wisely?

Watch this 6-minute video to find out:

  • What would happen if we didn’t recycle paper and card?
  • What would disappear from our earth if we didn’t recycle glass bottles and jars?
  • How does recycling food and garden waste help the earth?
  • How your life would be different without plastic?



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