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What does devolution mean to young people?

Veronika Torres & Kaja Davies
Veronika Torres & Kaja Davies
Devolution shifts power to local governments impacting education, healthcare and work. In this article, you can find out how this could affect you as a young person!
A group of young people attend a meeting
A group of young people attend a meeting

What is devolution?

Devolution in Greater Manchester involves transferring powers from the central government to local authorities in the Greater Manchester region. This gives local leaders more control over important decisions like transport, housing, and skills training.

Through devolution, Greater Manchester aims to tailor policies to local needs and drive economic and social progress in the area. They can focus on things like transportation, housing, and training, making choices that suit the needs of the people who live there.

Overall, it’s meant to help Greater Manchester grow, improve its infrastructure, and make life better for everyone.

Is devolution important to young people?

Big changes are happening for us, young people in Greater Manchester. Devolution has arrived, giving us a significant voice in shaping our schools and communities.

Think about high school, where decisions are usually made by the head teacher and the school board, and you follow a strict schedule that doesn’t necessarily consider all your needs or interests. Devolution is like moving to college, where you have more say. It means transferring power from the faraway national government to local authorities, so decisions are made closer to where we live. Just like in college, where you can choose what you study and pursue your interests.

Devolution lets us tailor policies and plans to fit our community’s needs!

What does devolution mean to young people?

It means we get to shape where we learn and grow.

We can be part of decisions about things like transportation, housing, and education policies that affect our lives every day.

The recent Greater Manchester Devolution Deal is important because it gives us more control over money and resources to invest in projects that matter to us.

How can I take part in devolution?

Young people in Greater Manchester can join youth councils, community groups, or volunteer programs to get involved in devolution.

They can also attend meetings, workshops, and share their ideas with local leaders.

By using social media, signing petitions, and speaking up, they can help shape decisions that affect them and their communities.

What is the Greater Manchester Baccalaureate?

The Greater Manchester Baccalaureate, or MBacc, is an ambitious plan as part of the recent Greater Manchester Devolution Deal. It’s currently in the planning stage, but it could provide an alternative to the English Baccalaureate that’s designed for Greater Manchester.

The MBacc is another key part of the devolution conversation. By making decisions about education at a local level, you can make better decisions about what to study with quality information about what jobs are available in your local area.

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Go on the Gov.uk website to get a deeper understanding about devolution!


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